Minimalist Desk

Diminish mess. Increase efficiency

If you’re trying to make a zen space in your home to focus on your work or creative projects, or even just looking to tidy up your workspace in the office, this is a desk is a great starting point for a minimalist work space.

Zen work space

Work can seam to be a series of endless tasks, frequently expecting us to multitask and keep track of few projects all at the same time. Subsequently, our psyches and workspaces can turn out to be a jumbled mess. Stationary, wires, pens and more computer gear as well as other gadgets can build up over time. As a result of our lack of organization and clutter, mayhem.
Unsurprisingly, minimalist workspaces, have become incredibly mainstream in current work environments as an approach to diminish mess and increase efficiency. It's additionally a popular solution for for gamers too!



The trademark characteristics of minimalism are clean lines and plenty of white space. That space may be taken up on occasion by other items and tools needed throughout the day however it is intended for temporary use only. In a perfect world all items have their own storage space out of view. For the absolute bare minimum, you might even simply have an empty desk except for your laptop.


What is a minimalist desk?

In its most fundamental sense, a minimalist desk ought to have the least amount of things visible on it, under it or around it. In the most basic iterations, it may include just a monitor, a desktop computer or laptop, a keyboard and mouse on the desk, with everything else stowed away out of sight.


Width 60"
Depth 18"
Height 30-1/4"
Mid-Century modern record table with built in storage and flip down lid