The following list of items is given in an effort to help our clients better understand our process and role in their renovation. We would like every project to go as smoothly as possible and we strive for everything to be above board for clarity and understanding. If there are any questions or concerns with any of the items listed below please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to take your call or answer your emails. Please read carefully before approving shop drawings.

Our Quotation:

Please make sure to read our quote carefully. The work to be done by Copacetic specific to your project is outlined in the quotation previously provided. Any additional work not described in our quote can be priced upon request. Do not assume an item brought up in discussion is included if it is not written in our quote. Please make specific inquiries.

What we need:

The following is a list of items or information we will need from the client as soon as possible. Delays in receiving material choices or specifications may result in additional time needed to complete your project. 1. Paint colours or veneer choices. 2. All appliance specification sheets including sinks and faucets. 3. Interior cabinet material choice. 4. Under-cabinet lighting specification. 5. Door profile. 6. Any other hardware or accessories specific to your job.


Unless previously agreed in writing the following is an outline of our typical scheduling and job procedures.
After quote approval, we will arrange a site measure (if necessary) which is subject to our availability. Typically less than but not more than 2 weeks notice may be needed. Before we can begin shop drawings we require a deposit to reserve production time. We ask to receive a deposit before our scheduled measure-up but it can be given to us during the measure-up meeting if arranged. Once we have the deposit, have completed measure-up, and have the information listed above in the “what we need” section, we will need 1-2 weeks to complete the first set of shop drawings, this timeframe may be subject to change depending on our availability and the scope of the project. Once we receive the client adjustments to the shop drawings we typically need 1 week to make the changes but occasionally more depending on the scope of the project. It is only upon client approval of the finalized shop drawings that our “manufacture time” countdown can begin. Please note that manufacture time does not include delivery and installation. If a “manufacture time” was not previously discussed we will proceed with manufacture in our regular scheduling. Once we have manufactured or are close to being done manufacturing we can arrange for site delivery and request the second payment be made at manufacture completion regardless of the scheduled delivery date. Installation times will vary depending on the size of the project but please understand we take pride in our work and typically take our time with installation. For example, a kitchen will take 2-3 weeks to install. We ask that final payment be made on completion. Our standard work hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Before we deliver:

Please have the following items ready for us before we arrive on-site with cabinetry: -electrical rough-in, -plumbing rough-in, clean and clear work area including the removal of old cabinetry and appliances out of our way, -existing back-splash tile removed, -finished flooring in place, -floor protection down and taped to the floor, -leave appropriate space for storage of cabinetry away from where it is being installed, -basic site conditions met (see below),

Basic site conditions:

It is expected that the site has the following: toilet, electricity, heat/AC, appropriate lighting and can be secured during off-hours. If these are not available, please advise.


When the project requires a combination of multiple trades we always recommend the client hire a contractor. Copacetic is a cabinetry sub-trade and does not take care of the scope usually handled by contractors. A good contractor will handle scheduling and coordination between the trades as well as make sure the site is prepared for the trades as they are needed.

Floor protection:

Please ensure your floor is protected. We try to be as careful as possible but we recommend the client or contractor has masonite or similar material protecting the floors. If you would like Copacetic to provide flooring protection please make a request for pricing a minimum of 2 weeks ahead of scheduled delivery.


Please understand that installing cabinetry creates wood dust. We will do our best to clean the area in which we are working but dust will likely travel beyond our work area. Dust can travel through vents as well as float through the air to unexpected areas, please expect to clean some dust after we have left.


Unless stated in writing and on the drawings, Copacetic is not responsible to supply or install countertops.


Copacetic does not select, install, level, or move appliances. It is the responsibility of the client to enlist other professionals to set appliances in place and install them level after we are finished with our installation. Please make sure appliances are out of our work area during our installation.

Appliance panels:

If not specifically written in the quotation and drawings, millwork appliance panels will not be provided by Copacetic. If appliance panels are required please contact Copacetic for pricing. Please also let us know before pricing if you would like us to install the panels, as many appliance installers supply this service.

Electrical outlets:

Copacetic is not licensed to handle electrical components. When installing our cabinets in front of an outlet (including cable, internet, etc) we will make a cutout in our cabinetry for access. We are not responsible to bring outlets forward for installation in our cabinetry. If the outlet is being installed into our cabinetry by others please let us know before we begin installation so we can make an appropriately tailored cutout.
Do not leave outlets dangling from the wall, they should be affixed to their final location. Please kill the power to any exposed wiring in our work area.

Specialty drawers tailored around plumbing:

When a drawer needs to fit around plumbing, our drawings will show the cut-out to be provided in the drawer. The client or contractor is responsible for making the plumber aware of the space in which he/she must keep the plumbing. If that is not possible we can cut the drawers to fit – post-installation as required for a fee. Please show the plumber our drawings.

Sink install:

It is the responsibility of others to install sinks. We recommend sink cutouts are done by the individual responsible for the sink installation to ensure correct placement and continuity of responsibility.

Damage to our finished cabinetry:

If any of the cabinetry is damaged by the Copacetic team during installation it will be fixed at no charge. If you see damage please make us aware right away and before we complete the project. Damage done to the millwork by others is not the responsibility of Copacetic but can be repaired for a fee if requested.

Damage to wall paint or drywall:

We recommend that the final topcoat of wall paint is done after we have completed our installation. Installing cabinets is an involved process and we are likely to nick and/or mar the walls. This is a common occurrence and to be expected. Please be prepared to touch up the walls as this is not included in our service.


Handles are not included unless specifically mentioned in our quotation. We will include the installation of handles/pulls at no extra charge if they are standard surface-mounted handles/pulls and provided to us before the start of installation. If handles are provided to us after installation a standard hourly rate of $90 / hr will apply. If handles/pulls require custom fitting or routing into the doors or drawers please enquire for pricing.


Trim, including baseboards, crowns, casings, window moldings, etc are not included unless specifically mentioned in our quotation. When installing our built-ins where there is existing baseboard, we will typically cut the baseboard to suit the cabinetry. If baseboard is not existing we recommend it be installed by others after our cabinetry. Or the piece which abuts our millwork left loose so we can remove it for the trim carpenter to reinstall around our cabinetry after we are done. Crown moulding around the room and above our millwork is not included– even when it is in the drawings– unless specifically mentioned in our quote. We typically recommend any crown to ceiling is done in plaster moulding by others because plaster can follow the undulations of the ceiling better than solid wood. Also wood moulding typically requires caulking which can crack over time.

Shop drawing renditions:

Our quotation typically includes up to 3 renditions (2 change orders) without charge for drawing time. These are nonrefundable. Each additional change order beyond this number has a base cost of $200 plus drawing time at $140 per hour.
Example: First rendition of shop drawings are submitted to you the client. You make your desired changes, we adjust the drawings and re-submit them to you (rendition 2). You can make one more set of changes at no charge (rendition 3) but any changes made after that will be subject to charge.
To avoid incurring change order charges please try to be as decisive and descriptive as possible with your changes. We recommend the client print out a set of our drawings on which to make handwritten changes for us to work from.

Our design service:

Copacetic will assist with design and ergonomics to the best of our ability when applicable. We will offer our input, keeping within the parameters set by the client or designer when we find it appropriate to do so. We do not take responsibility for aesthetic, ergonomic or material selection decisions. It is up to the client to choose and source fixtures and materials including paint colour, mouldings, profiles, stone/counters, handles, flooring, lighting, electrical layout, tile, appliances, sinks, faucets, inserts, accessories, fabrics/cushions, etc. .

Dimensions on drawings

Please carefully examine the dimensions as shown in our shop drawings. While it is the responsibility of Copacetic to ensure the cabinets fit in your space, It is the responsibility of the client to ensure their items fit in the cabinets as indicated on the drawings. If a dimension is not shown please do not hesitate to request it be added to the drawings for clarity. We encourage the client to measure their items and compare them to the space shown in the drawings. Examples of items which we recommend the client measure to ensure fit include: Plates, serving bowls, mixers/ small appliances, salad bowls, cereal boxes, containers, etc.

Replacing existing cabinetry – Fit / function

When designing our cabinetry we do so to the best of our ability using our unique methods and practices. Our cabinetry will not necessarily have the same features or available space as your previous cabinetry. It is not uncommon to lose some space in our designs because of the potentially thicker (more stable) material we use and the gables or fillers we prefer to add to our designs for function and aesthetic detailing. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure desired functions and dimensions they may have previously enjoyed with their old cabinetry are relayed to our shop drawings. Just because a mixing bowl used to fit in your old cabinet does not mean it will fit in the new cabinet we are making. Please check the dimensions. We can accommodate if we know ahead of time.

Inserts and accessories:

Unless specifically written in our quote all Inserts, accessories, and hardware is to be supplied by others or priced additionally to the quote by Copacetic.

Measuring before existing cabinetry is removed

Whenever possible Copacetic strongly recommends all existing cabinetry is removed before we take measurements for our cabinetry. This makes it so we get a good picture of the space we are building our cabinets to suit and can check the positioning of plumbing, electrical, ducting, and any items that may be hidden behind the existing cabinetry. When it is not possible for us to measure after the existing cabinets are removed, the client takes on the responsibility of ensuring there will not be any hidden features behind the existing cabinetry. Such features might include but are not limited to electrical outlets, junction boxes, wiring, plumbing, bulkheads, chases, vents, ducting, etc. If one or more of these features are discovered after we have started production of the cabinets, the client can either have them removed at their cost or may request we supply a quote to re-build our cabinets to suit.

Notes and meetings:

When applicable, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure all details discussed in person or over the phone end up on the shop drawings. If possible please send all requirements over email so we may recall the information at a later date. Please note the drawings are accurate representations of what will be built and any missing information in the drawings will likely be missing in the finished product. Please make notes and “mark-up” the drawings with this in mind. If we send a drawing rendition with information previously discussed missing, please let us know so we can add it in.

Payment schedule for projects less than $10,000

1st payment = 50% deposit due before drawings can be started
2nd / final payment = 50% at completion. Please have payment ready on our final day of install.
Unless other terms have been expressly given in writing by Copacetic.

Payment schedule for projects more than $10,000

1st payment = 30% deposit due before drawings can be started
2nd payment – 50% due at manufacture completion
3rd/final payment = 20% due at installation completion.
Unless other terms have been expressly given in writing by Copacetic.

Delivery timeline:

Copacetic can only adhere to a timeline given from approved shop drawings. Once this timeframe is agreed upon it is expected that the site will be ready for us at the date specified. Delays by others out of our hands may be subject to storage fees. We understand it is hard to pin renovations down to a specific date so there will be no storage fees for the first 3 weeks the project is delayed. Storage fees will vary on a job – by – job basis. Typical storage fees are 1% of job total per week.

Time and Material:

Additional work authorized by the client as “time and material” will be charged appropriately. All material used and all time spent on the job including travel time will be charged at our shop rate ($90/hr). If the client has a budget they are attempting to adhere to, this should be brought to our attention ahead of time.


Our caulking is not guaranteed for any duration of time. Some caulking may last a lifetime whereas other caulking may constantly need touching up. Houses often “settle” after major renovations or naturally “move” with the changing of seasons. We are not responsible to ensure caulking seals.

Standing liquid:

 Beware, liquid can attach to the surface of cabinet components and gravity pulls it down to the edge. Capillary action allows the liquid to cling there and slightly creep back from the edge. When liquid stands on the painted surface it can penetrate and cause it to fail. We recommend always dry toweling all surfaces to remove liquid and make sure to get any drips that have migrated to the edges. It is not uncommon for panels to get damaged on the bottom edge from water being left there.

Our Warranty:

5-year warranty against manufacturer defects including hardware and workmanship.
Does not apply to cabinets damaged by misuse, neglect, abuse, “acts of God”, exposure to moisture, exposure to extreme temperatures, normal incidental deterioration such as nicks, scratches, abrasions, sun damage, and natural aging whether resulting from the effects of normal wear or abnormal use. Warranty is void if there are any outstanding payments on the project. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Hardware Returns:

Hardware purchased from third party through Copacetic is subject to a 15% restocking fee plus shipping charges.