Pullout Spice Rack

One of the best ways to organize all of your spice jars and other small containers is with a pullout spice rack. Although they come in many different sizes, the commonly used pullout spice rack that we build at Copacetic custom cabinetry is the size of a standard lower kitchen door. Instead of losing all of your spice jars at the back of a cupboard, or at the bottom of a drawer, a pullout spice rack helps keeps all of those jars and containers visible and accessible. Unlike other storage solutions, a pullout spice rack is a custom cabinet build that helps you have better sight and access to your spices from either side of the rack making it easier to locate that jar of paprika. Not only can you store and organize the jars of your spice and herb collection, but the adjustable shelves allow it to be set up to store bottles of oil and bottles of vinegar, adding one more reason we think pullout spice racks are the best storage/organization solution for kitchen spice collections.
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