Millwork, traditionally, is any product made in a wood mill for building construction. This includes doors, molding, trim, flooring, wall paneling, and crown molding. Millwork is a wooden product that has been produced in a mill. Molding and flooring are produced in mills and, therefore, considered to be millwork. Millwork may also include decorative products, such as mantels and door casings. Millwork can be made from common woods such as pine, oak, maple, birch, beech, and much more different species of wood. It may also include wood composites, reconstituted or reclaimed wood, manufactured wood products such as MDF, synthetics, and even plastics. Millwork products are typically installed with nails, screws, or adhesives and so using easy and convenient. Millwork can be left natural, or finished with a stain, oil or painted. Millwork is usually specified by an Architect or Designer and is considered a design element of a room or building. It is is often used to establish the mood or theme of a design.
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