Butcher Block

Historically, butcher block referred to a heavy-duty chopping block commonly used in butcher shops.  Today the term butcher block is mostly used to refer to a solid wood countertop with the entended use of food preparation. Butcher Blocks are usually made from highly durable hardwood such as Northern European birch. The wood is a slow-growth, closed-grain hardwood and safe for food preparation. Hard maple, Teak, and Walnut are also woods commonly used. Professional butcher blocks are significantly thicker than most blocks and also have an end-grain surface. These butcher blocks are constructed from hundreds of square pieces of wood glued together so that their cut ends to form a strong surface that wears down much slower than their face grain counterpart.  The surface of a butcher block is finished with non-toxic oil if the surface will be used in food preparation or as a cutting surface. These surfaces, with regular maintenance, are renewable and can keep their warmth and beauty for decades.  Butcher blocks are a very functional feature used in custom kitchens however they are not only used for counter surfaces but tabletops and bar surfaces as well.    
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