Adjustable Shelves

Most of the custom cabinetry built at Copacetic will have adjustable shelves, which allows you to change the height of your storage spaces within an installed custom cabinet. Adjustable shelves are typically made by using a series of pre-drilled holes that allow the supporting pegs of a shelf to be removed and repositioned quite easily. For example, within this typical kitchen base cabinet (see picture), which was built by experience cabinetmakers at Copacetic custom woodworking and design in Toronto, there will be one or two shelves. The shelf or shelves can be placed at any point there is a hole available to accept a supporting pin. Some cabinet designs include a 12-inch shelf which only extends half of the depth of the cabinet, but both types are available in adjustable configurations. Choosing to use adjustable shelves will allow for greater storage versatility throughout the life of the cabinetry. Adjustable shelves offer flexibility to change based on the requirements you may have in your kitchen.
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