Get a Quote

Thanks for your interest in our work. There are three methods for us to get started on your project.

Method A [most streamlined]

E-mail some information. If you have Drawings or a sketch with dimensions, we can usually price based on these alone.
No drawings? send us:

  • Description with dimensions
  • Photos or links to give us an idea of what you are looking for,

Method B [Copa Design]

If you would like us to take care of the start up process we could visit and assist with the measure and design. For this service we charge $100 an hour including travel.

Method C [in shop consult]

You are always welcome to come to the shop for a consultation appointment without charge but we would need some of the information listed in METHOD A to get things rolling.


Other useful information:

  • Pictures of the area as it now exists,
  • Number of drawers,
  • Desired exterior finish (opaque lacquer, or veneer and species of wood)
  • Your address,
  • Timeline,
  • Specific components/appliances going in the cabinets,


Contact Info:

Email: Mail@TheCabinetShop.ca
Phone: 416-462-1177
Fax: 416-466-5052

After the price is approved, we request a deposit, usually 1/3rd. Then we do a site visit for design consultation and accurate dimensioning. The next step is we design and create shop drawings and send them to you for approval.